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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

frustrated :(

1) kawad rumah satria ,

fidaee scolded amin for being noisy dalam barisan (eng rojak , hua3)

and i also scolded him several times coz he's not paying attention !

and what ? yet he cried !

i dunno what to do ,

oh my , i really2 frustrated !

i'm sorry amin , i hope you accept this 'new' aina .. and i hope you can accept that i'm different from last year :)

2) i remembered what you did to me ..

you lied me and hurt my heart .

for three months i believed you sooo much ,

and in one second you destroy my trust to you .

oh my , why love is always like this ?

i hate you . but at the same time .. i still want you in my side and in my heart ..

to you , please , understand me .. i miss you so much ..

everytime i remember you and your lies , my heart cried ..

but everytime i remember our memories , it makes my heart smile .. but the memories were nobody to be found again ..

it had lost .. forever .. and will not come back again ..

i hope i can accept all this as my life .



syahirahjamal said...

*i miss him too :)

Aina Syakira said...

ko ske razlan ke ? :)

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