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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

i beg your forgiveness ..

assalamualaikum ,

my heart feel like cyring rite now ..

i dunno why ..

i keep thinking and thinking about my friends ..

they're so special to me ..

but ..

they do not think that i'm special to them ..

i keep my memories with my friends in my heart ..

loves criticing me : najiah

sharing friends : atikah , amirul asyraf

laughing friends : hidayah , anis , syahirah , emy helwina , ainaa mainor , farah hafizatul

actually there are more than this ..

but lately .. some of them without the names here ..

seemed like going far .. further from me ..

i dunno why and what is my fault ..

forgive me for my mistakes and my wrongly-did ..

this is what actually happen to me now ..

outside , from external , it seems like i hate ..

but inside my heart , from internal .. honestly , i still want the person to be my special buddy ..

i dunno what is my fault ..

i asked you several times but it seemed that you don't wanna answer it .

and instead of that , you broke my heart with your bad words towards me ..

when i asked my friends about you ,

they said that you're just okay with them ,

but why not me ? WHY ?! answer me !

do i look like a dog to you ? JIJIK dgn aku hah ?

forgive me please .. i beg you ..

although we can't be a special buddy anymore ,

but enough as a good friend .

not a bad enemy .

forgive me .. i can't live without your hate towards me ..

and forgive me with your sincere ..

this is my heart looks like ..

you like me suffer like this , don't you ?

maybe this is my way of life ..

suffering .. heartbroken .. emotional ..

don't you think that what are you doing is effecting

my heart , my studies and my life ?

my science , english , malay marks in ujian setara lately ,

is getting lower :(

yea , i know that MY marks is getting lower , not YOUR marks rite ?

and if you read this post , please comment me , maybe it will cheer me up .

think of yourself , i beg your forgiveness . thanks .

.Hasil Kerja Tangan Aina Syakira.