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Sunday, March 7, 2010

quite bored :(

i'm quite bored now .

but at least najiah cheer me up :)

tomorrow i don't have kelas al-quran ,

and farah jasmeen n' liyana decided to make a study group at school library ,
studying maths :)

and lately i'm soo busy ,

wif kawad rmh satria ,

exam setara 1 day after tommorrow ,
need to study !!

and also now my idea on making novel is too much now !
better i write it down before it lost :)

and this friday , kne msk perarakan maulidur rasul !
so , so busy ! argh !

my head can burst thinking this all !
and so my personal problem , makes my heart stronger through all this !

uhh uhh ,
maybe i should change my display song ,
lgu die sdey kn ?
nk cri lagu epy punyee :D
umm any suggestion for da song ? :D

btw ,
i get a tag from amin at myspace im ,

amin : enpon aq ilang weiii

aina : pdn mke :p

phone die ilang smlm ms hr sukan ,
well , what can i say ,
pdn mke je la , x reti jge brg sndr baek2 :)

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