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Friday, March 5, 2010

today :)

today is syahindah nazihah's bufday ! :)
i dunno wat to give her :)
but yet she gave us sweets and chocolates ,
thnkx indah :)

i luv fruit plus ! :D
but i luv that chocolate more .

because i looooovve so much chocolates !

so , for my bufday ,

if u dunno wat to give me ,

just give me chocolates !


remember 9th may !

(promoting my bufday , hehe)


syahirahjamal said...

asal aku x dpt coklat..
huhu ni yg nk majowk nihh..
bufday aku,
klau korg x tahu nk bgi pew?
bgi je coklat..
sng :)
addicted with chocolate XD

Aina Syakira said...

bufday ko dh lps :p

die bg 2 kaa je :p

-byknye ' :p ' -

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