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Friday, April 30, 2010

busy with folio , err err :D

assalamualaikum ,

today seems to be better than freaking yesterday ,

friday is the best day for muslims :)


after assembly waiting for 2 kaa's turn to get out from the hot hall ,

i saw razlan was being detained by teacher zubaidah ,

teacher zubaidah seemed to talk to him maybe about his appearance ,

yela dgan tie longgarnyaa pastu seluar londehnyaa dan baju x butang atas ,

hahaha maybe teacher zubaidah talked about that to him ,

i'm not sure b'coz i was not near them ,

tapi muka cikgu zubaidah semacam jerk aku tgok ms tuh :p


during PJK , many of girls didn't bring racket ,

so they played basketball ,

but najiah , anis , amelia , syamimi , hidayah , farah and i ,

were playing badminton in front of the hall .

err err i spied on boys' playing badminton too in the hall ,

i saw syafiq wasfi played with amirul ,

so so funny maa !

terloncat2 die nak pukul bulu tangkes tuh ,

orang lompat die terloncat2 , hihi :D


err teacher izra , my maths teacher ,

was not attending for school for 3 days ,

fell down b'coz of stepping fruit's skin kot ,

i don't remember what skin ,

luckily she and her baby inside were okay :)

get well teacher izra ! :)


weyy , sape knal izham haidhar 2 krk 2 ?

i can't detect him at school lahh ,

-tiru ayat kak aina maslan :D-


sad with my classmates !

during PJK , they gave idea to play bola baling ,

i say , "last two weeks you played it very rough !"

they complained that i'm the side of 2 krk 1's students !

but actually one of their victims during their rough playing is ME !

i felt dizzy that time b'coz of the ball throwing !

then i heard one of the girls saying ,

"you want , you go back to krk !"

i know who's saying and i'm very dissapointed of that person :(

i thought my classmates now are good with me ,

but they destroyed my perception :(


amin azhar , i'm sorry for my previous post ,

didn't mean to hurt you but

i just want you to know my view about you now .

it's totally different , and

i had felt the pain for it .

i'm sorry , we're no more bestie now :(

but you're still my friend , my good friend . :)

yeah yeah i know you do have problems that you don't finish ,

me too , we're the same :)

just be relax okay ? hope you strong to face challenges and problems ,

i will always pray for you , my friend :)


talking about amin ,

abg amer , his brother was back home today !

hope i can chit chat with him through yahoo messenger ,

and i miss his girlfriend , kak ifa too !

ehh ehh nanti abg amer mrah pula bce ayat di atas :D

bile nak kawen ? lme lg ke nk tnggu mkan nasi minyak ? kahkah :D


hope i can chat with aizat this night !

yesterday my mum forced me to shut down this notebook ,

i hated it that time b'coz i was chatting with aizat that time !

we talked about sejarah folio , my dad and razlan ..

and i hope tonight we will be discussing exciting topic :D

and exciting time , haha :D

yesterday , he's lil bit fever ,

yeah yesterday evening it rained cats and dogs ,

and he rode his bicycle till home .

pity you , and i pity amirul too :)

he's also cycling back home meredah hujan :D

-the end of the daily story-

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