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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

adek adekku and today's story

assalamualaikum ,

yesterday i chatted with azri nazrullah through MySpace IM ,

he seemed sad b'cuz

he felt that nobody wanna be friends with him ,

lolz , be happy my lil bro ,

i also have the same situation with you ,

insya ALLAH one day ,

a true friend for you will come to your life ,

don't be sad okie ? :D

if you have problem , i will always be there for you :)

go to adek husaini ,

he likes to make me shock !

you wanna give heart attack to me yeah ?

urgh urgh silly adek :p

yesterday while i was waiting for najiah and emy and farah and syeerah ,

he shouted , "SISTER !"

huh luckily i'm still okay :p

if not , my place now maybe at the hospital , kahkah :D

about fatehah ,

she said that she registered to be SPBT prefect ,

gud luck on everything you do , :)

just now we ate together at the canteen ,

sooo happy :D


kak farah anis said that

i'll be taking photos for teacher's day celebration !

i hope my pictures will be good :)


amin absent today,

sunyi kami dr leterannya , kehkeh :p

-the end of the daily story-

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