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Saturday, May 8, 2010

my dad and izzaty suzairy

assalamualaikum ,

at 11.30 p.m last thursday ,

my dad was back home !

yesterday morning when i woke up ,

i saw sooooooooo many things !

on the dining table , refrigerator and living room !

there were some arab foods ,

but i love ausal ! (salah eja kott)

its a dish with round breads ,

and some chicken and beef meat ,

with the taste of spice !

yummy yummy ! :)

my mum loves this toy ,

i dunno what's so special with this toy ,

maybe the special is ,

when we press at the red sticker (at its leg)

it will sing a song ! surely arabic song :D

wanna hear ? come to my house okie ?

my father bought this for me !

thankx dad !

but .. brown in colour ?

you know rite , my dad's taste ?

eventhough he wanna buy something for me ,

it will be brown in colour

well , what can i do ?

just respect my father's choice :)

these are some pics at The Holy Land ,

soooo many changes were done there ,

i've left that city for five years :(


yesterday night ,

i commented with izzaty at myspace
*izzaty is razlan's 1st girlfie

we talked about maths ,

she said that algebraic topic makes

otaknya terputus fius :D
*dunno to translate in eng , hihi

me too ! i HATE algebraic !

do you believe if i said

during topical test 2 (topic - algebraic)

i FAILED in the test !

i juz got 30 over 100

sounds weird ? NO , not for me ,

i hate that topic , soooooo difficult ! x(

izzaty is now at SAAS Kajang ,

she said that her mid year maths exam

involved all topics in maths vol 1 textbook ! (7 topics)

while she's now juz studying ratio (topic 5)

luckily , only topic 1 to 5 is involved in my school mid year exam ,

that 5 topic is hard for me to bear it

although teacher had taught it ..

the last comment before she offline was

izzaty :
how's you and alan's story ?

aina :
err , no story , hihi :D

izzaty does not know what is actually happen between us now ,

and i wonder when this problem is gonna be settled .

i hope as soon as possible ,

then only i can focus on mid year exam :)

-the end of the daily story-

p/s: i wonder what's azri nazrullah and husaini doing now at form 1 school camping , heheh :D

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