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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

dua kata berbeza , pada waktu yang sama ?

assalamualaikum ,

keliru di antara
dua kata berbeza
pada waktu yang sama ..

-nyanyi sebentar , hihi-

who's actually i admire ?

you or you ?

ahh , i get confused ??? :O

i can't admire both of them in one time ,

but at the same time ,

i can't throw them from my heart !

help me , help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


thankx nur najiah azli ,

for trying to accept me

as a part from your life ..

i never expect to gather again with FANESA members ..

but now its real :)

even i'm not one of FANESA members ..

but FANESA is still my bestfriend , world and hereafter :)

and to all of you , FANESA members ,

especially to the leader , nur emy helwina rapilus ,

together , we build a new life :)

but now , i'm waiting for positive sign from razlan ghazali :)

-the end of my diary-

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