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Saturday, May 29, 2010

kebengangan dan kebengongan

assalamualaikum ,

quite great yesterday , i renewed my membership in sasbadi.com ,

so that i can do some exercises online :)

yesterday i did some revision on maths , struggle to answer .

the question's quite difficult :p

but there's better than that !

i chatted with izham at MySpace IM !

haha he's quite funny and sporting ..

but i hate when he talks about dota and garena x(

adoii , boys now loves game , game and game ..

and i also hate that he doesn't recognize me at all !!

he said that he just knows me as aizat's girlfie , -blushing-

we talked much and much about ourselves ..

biasa laa org bru nk knal kn , haha :D


adoii anak daud btolla ko nieyh :p

he seemed angry with me this week !

i dunno why ,

my chat messages at Yahoo Messenger and MySpace IM ,

he didn't reply me !

then today i knew , he's lil bit stress ,

but he didn't angry with me ..

but , i feel that there's another reason he's angry , related to me , maybe ?


bored bored and bored !!

nk kluar rmah ngan najiah , emy , sumenye !!

but emy had to go to klang with her family ,

attending her cousin's wedding ..

now i'm just waiting my mum finish cooking nasi lemak ,

yum yum , delicious ! heheh :D

alahai boringnyerr dok rmah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kambing biri-biri saya x online !

daa laa , aku da merepek nie , tata :D

-the end of the daily story-

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