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Monday, May 17, 2010

razlan and 2 kaa students

assalamualaikum ,

i've changed my blog URL

to smile-is-charity.bs.com

from diaryaina.bs.com

so that now , i could private my blog from him ,

hah ? from him ? from who ?

wait wait .. i tell you later .

by the way , people who could view my blog now are only ,

syahirah jamalullail
nur najiah azli
nur emy helwina rapilus
muhammad amirul asyraf rahmat
azri nazrullah afandi
nur fatihah md isa
atikah muhammad sidik
fadhlin mastura on


i don't want him to know all about my daily life , my feelings , my opinion

all about him , i won't let him know !

for what you're checking my online diary huh ?

ohh , you wanna know my view about you ?

why ? for what ?

if you don't care about me anymore ,

why are you asking my blog URL from aizat ?

and if you don't care about me anymore

even my view towards you

you don't have to check it out !

and now , if you really want to know

my real view towards you

my real feelings towards you



but no point if you read this out ,

b'cuz your ego is verrrryyy high !

kalah menara eiffel tower !

enough till here , bkannye die bce pun , kah3 :D


aku rse terpinggir laa

dr rakyat jelata 2 kaa tuh

diorg sllu perlekehkn aku

aku sdey sgat2 :'((

and lagi satu ,

aku rse mcam aku x wujud pun

dlam klas 2 kaa tuh

i'm sooo lonely ..

lonely ..
i'm mrs lonely ..
i have nobody ..
on my own ..

-nyanyi sebentar , hihi-

ttibe lak teringin nk msk 2 krk 1 ..

tp ..

xkn nk sengaja fail b. arab kott ..

aku boleh klau nk failkn arab ..

tp nnt mak ayah aku trkejut berok pulaa :D

-the end of the daily story-

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