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Sunday, May 30, 2010

sekual blog

assalamualaikum ,

be sure to visit my second blog ,

Kata Ayah -click here-

at that blog , all of the posts related to my dad's words , okie ?

hope you enjoy it :D


i miss my sheep !
i miss my sheep !
i miss my sheep !
i miss my sheep !
i miss my sheep !

sudaa la tu aina , haha :D

but i hope my sheep's online tonight ! and aizat too :)

i wanna wish them good luck :D


tomorrow is maths exam !! i'm quite afraid ,

i have half confident to take the exam ,

eventhough this afternoon i've just done lots and lots of exercises with mum ,

thanks mum for accompanying me study .

she's terror in maths ,

yea yea , she has degree in accounting ..

no weird if she's terror in maths .

but i can't understand why my mum doesn't work ??

at least being a maths teacher ??

its a waste having a degree but doesn't work ..

yea , since i'm born , she stopped working ..

umm .. umm .. umm ..

-the end of the weekend-

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