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Thursday, May 20, 2010

selamat hari khamis

assalamualaikum ,

quite dissapointed :(

don't ask me why , i also dunno why . ?


today i had rehearsal for Speech Day ,

in the hall , i have to sit between aina malik and akmal samsuri ,

quite bad bcuz i don't get to sit near friends who are close with me ,

like hidayah , jaspreet , lallana , haikal nadzri ..

uhh , the rehearsal is quite bored :(

2mrw we will held the rehearsal again ,

i hate it ! heheh x(

by the way , its funny that

dhiya's name , ahmad dhiya haziq

turned by the speaker to ahmad dania haziq !

woww , it's very innovative :)


do you know me actually ?

do you realize that i'm existing in your school and your life ?

if yes , so do please talk to me ! please ! i beg you !


juz now during arabic class ,

khairil syafiq and azri nazrullah (form 1)

join our arbic class :)

khairil sat at the back of me , while azri sat beside khairil .

it was quite fun spending time with them ,

they're sooooo sportingggg :D

ustazah shakimaz ask me to help khairil a lil bit

by lending my arabic exam notes for him to copy it :)

by the way , nice to meet you khairil :)


mendengar kata-kata itu dr aizat ,

hatiku hancur lebur bagaikan kaca yang lgsg x tinggal serbuk !

tinggal zarah jerk .. betapa keciknye leburan itu ..

menangis .. kept crying , crying and crying ..

i remembered yuna's song .. dan sebenarnya ..

it's really fit me now :'(

got to go all of you .. i'm VERY DISSAPOINTED :'(

-the end of the daily story-

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