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Sunday, May 9, 2010

sudaa penat di hari yang gilaa ?

assalamualaikum ,

yeah yeah today is my bufday !

happy bufday to me ! -singing-

thanks for all who wish me yaww !

but ..

but ..

but ..

he does not want to wish me :(

but he wished merry christmas !

how silly r u ! x(

i think half of his heart is not angry wif me anymore ,

but half of his heart is still angry wif me :(

ntaa laa , err , bile mau akhiri sume ini .

tp alhamdulillah aku dan die ley berckap even dlam IM Myspace .

happy mother's day !

May ALLAH bless you mummy :)

thnkx 4 everything :)

folio geo ! alhamdulillah sudaaaaaaaaa siap !

about my bufday , esk2 okie ? da x smpat la .

hr nie sbok ngan folio geo sajaa .

mata wa sudaa ngantok .

-the end of the daily story-

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