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Thursday, May 6, 2010

today i got a present from ainaa ,

up there's my name , AINA , blue tag :D

thnkx ainaa mainor ! :D

ehh ehh , a brown lil teddy bear key chain !

so cute ! i love it !

actually emy got this too , but her pack's brown in colour while her bear is blue :)

assalamualaikum ,

juz now i met adek husaini ,

he seemed in bad mood x(

then i met adek azri nazrullah ,

poor him , he's lonely ,

i wanna accompany him , but he's a boy , huhu :(

during assembbly , the hall was too hot ,

fatehah kipaskn aku , aku kipaskn die ,

saling kipas-mengipas , haha :D

while waiting for the assembly end ,

the prefects played some song tracks ,

but they played half of the song , huh x(

while i was hearing khatimah cinta - 6ixth sense

they changed to the other song !

i was so angry and angry ! urgh urgh ! x(

i love that song !


my father will be back malaysia tonight !

i wonder what will he bring back home ,

i hope syawarma is there !

it's so delicious , yum yum :D


countdown :

mother's day and my birthday ,

3 days more :D

-the end of the daily story-

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