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Thursday, June 3, 2010

bosan giler , bosan giler , bosan giler , bosan laa giler !!

assalamualaikum ,

yeah , its a very great day today that i've finished my midyear exam .

but this night is quite boring ,

because this two sheep kept fighting at DOTA ! adushh .

game , game and game again !

i'm here just like a statue . haha . let them laa . i've no right to prevent them .

but i'm veryyyyyyyyyyyy bored !!

someone do accompany me ! aizat , izham !

haha no izham tomorrow , his girlfie will be back from her boarding school .

aina , jangan jd perampas ! haha :D

actually , his face , i looked ,

close to my old friend at kuala lumpur , thaqif hakim .

gile2 mirip owh !! warna kulit , bibir , mata , raut muka ..

but their heights are lil bit different .

thaqif's taller than him , he's shorter than thaqif . haha .

but its a sad that when the last week we met ,

we fought among ourselves , perang dingin .

haha , forget the past , start a new life , okie ?

and i hope i don't ever quarreling with izham like thaqif and i .

today , fadhlin said if she moved out from 2 kaa ,

she wanna go to 2 krk 2 .

umm , i wanna her to be spy for two sheep and the boy who ego .

okayy ya elin ? haha :D

tomorrow , i will be on duty with emy and najiah for photographing ! :D

wish us luck okie ?

this is my first task as a photographer !

hope i can do the best tomorrow ! aminnnnnnnnnn :D

-the end of the daily story-

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