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Friday, June 18, 2010

idris , mr A , aizat

assalamualaikum .

happy 14th birthday , idris ! :)

may ALLAH bless you .

bru knal x smpai seminggu , ko da tue xD

by the way last wednesday ,

i chatted with him at facebook !

best jugaa chat ngan die :)

tp die terkejut gile gile gile

bile dpat tau aku nie ex girlfie rafiq , haha :D


ptg td kat MySpace ,

mr A mintak kapel ngan aku ?

terkejut gile gile gile x caye ahh !

aku rse mcm .. btol ke org nie ?

aku .. ntah .. mmg x percaya btul die mintak kapel ngan aku ..

sudaa nye aku biar jela . terima tidak . tolak pun tidak .

tp aku bgtau die , aku ske org lain =.=

p/s : mr A bkn aizat , alan or anyone that you think okie ?


izham ! tell me the right reasons

why aizat does not online for 8 days !

please please i beg you sheep ! :p

and and

if you know who is the person i admire ,

you will hate me , and kept yourself silent =.=

so , better you just kept your question ,

"spe ko pnye yg stu tu ?"

because i never tell you , stranger danger !

then you ask me , "stranger ? aku fail bi dowh"

bengong nye org , girlfie kau fira msk asrama , ko stranger pun x lpas :p

-the end of the daily story-

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