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Saturday, June 5, 2010

no excuse

assalamualaikum .


aizat and his family were back to hometown at johor ,

arrgghh i'm soooooooooooooo bored tonight without him .

every night we laugh , cry , quarrel , make fun , sharing stories ..

all through MySpace IM .

but he's totally different in reality world . haha .

one day i said to him that i wanna say at least 'hye' to him at school .

then he replied , "don't ! it's a shy !" haha :D

but its not that i never talk to him ,

when he accompanied razlan came to my house during eid ,

he didn't want to eat , just drink , haha .

then i persuade him , "come on , eat ! don't shy okay ?"

i said the statement several times to him but he didn't want to eat .

my mum was so pity with him that time , haha its funny to flash back .

do come to my house again during this year eid , and be sure to bring the sheep and his girlfie , haha , and alan too . hihi :D

i dunno how's going during this year eid .

but this year , i wanna go to aizat's and izham's house !

not forgotten , syahirah's , fatehah's , maria's and atikah's house !

i'm so excited to go to their house , -hoping-


yesterday at teacher's day school celebration ,

it's tiring ! x yah gi pun x per .

bknnye die gi skola pun smlam kahkah :D


okay today i need to sleep early ,

tomorrow i've to go kay elle for several reasons and

go to my cousin's house at ampang to celebrate his bufday .

actually i don't close with my boy cousins , ntah lerr .

but happy upcoming birthday , farhan :D

-not farhan that shamsol ghau ghau's son okay ? haha :D-

-the end of the daily story-

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