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Monday, June 7, 2010

sad , tired , bored

assalamualaikum ,

ahh today kelas tambahan was so tiring !

today's subjects are malay , living skills and religious education .

i hate most during living skills !

teacher gave us 50 questions form 1 to answer ,

and half of them was about electrics !

urgghh urgghh i hate it x(

yela mne laa aku amek kesah psal elektrik alah tuh , haha .

sudaa nye aku borak2 ngan najiah dgn farah kat blkg , :D

but during religious education time with ustazah suziana soyong ,

quite fun , she got so many stories to share .

i'll share it at Kata Ayah blog okay ? :D

then back to home time , i didn't saw farah nor najiah nor ainaa ?

but yet i saw razlan and izham walking together back home :D

but but

aizat , baihaqi , emy was absent !

so bored without them , especially emy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

talking about aizat , he's angry with me last night .

so sad :'(

why why why ? forgive me if i wrong ! please !

-the end of the daily story-

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