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Saturday, July 3, 2010

maybe this is my fate ? thursday and friday story

assalamualaikum .


thursday's story

i watched semi final and final football match .

during semi final , 2c vs 2 krk 2

saket aty tol tgk 2 krk 2 maen !

ade ke snang2 2c ley goal sbb 2 krk 2 x jge !!

naseb baek org yg jd goalkeeper tu bkn aizat ,

klau aizat , da lame aku lenyek die kat situ gak ! haha =.=

then 2c mnang 2-1 .

2c kne lwan 2 krk 1 for final match .

ble dorg maen , bdak2 2 krk 1 tu mcm pnat jea .

plus both D (danial hidzam shah and daniel ramlan)

saket kaki sbb ape ntah . trjatuh .

akhernyaa beberapa ketika kemudian oleh kerana saingan sengit

xde sape nak jaringkan goal

ckgu ali sruh wat penalti .

tup tup penalti 2c mnang ! adusshh !!

xpe la bile2 nnt ley cbe lg :)

anggap ini sbg pengalaman .


friday's story

yeah i got 2nd in reciting poem competition !

alhamdulillah :)

najiah got 1st in singing patriotic song . congratss -.-


during PJK , maen futsal . boleh laa . seri 1 sama ngan pasukan laen .

pnat laa maen futsal ! brbau bdan aku +.+


"you" in below diary ,

refers to someone that only emy and najiah know .


last thursday my internet burned out ,

so i used MySpace Mobile and ask you ,

"wey , ko mrh aku ke ?"

i waited a reply from you but you didn't online yet .

yesterday before PJK , i accompanied emy to 2 krk 1 ,

then i said to farah , "i wanna put my bag in my class first ."

she nodded her head .

then when i pass your class ,

i saw you on the way to get out from your class using front door .

(kau nak g makmal sains)

when you saw me ,

yet you turned backwards and used back door to get out !!!

why are you doing this to me , my sheep ?!!

why are you avoiding me ?

or ..

you know my biggest secret that emy and najiah knows ?

then last night i opened Mobile MySpace ,

you approved my comment but you didn't even reply it !

then i send again another comment ,

"asl ko mrh aku ?"

and today when my internet is okay again ,

the same thing happen !

comment approved but no reply !

you , the person i referred to ,

why are you torturing me like this ?

left me without any notice !!

answer me , answer me please !! i beg you !!

okay , i think and i believe that you know that

i have feelings towards you .

i just wanna ask you ,

are you angry with it ?

why are you angry with it ?

or do you think that i wanna take you from the letter F girl ?

even once in my heart , i never think that you will reply my feelings !

because i knew that in your heart is just her !

i chatted with you just to know who are you and your life , not more than that !

forgive me , you .

i'm just a mess in your life :'(

akhirnya ku terpaksa mengundur diri dari hidupmu
walaupun ku tak mampu dan tak mahu ..

-the end of my merepek story-

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