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Monday, July 5, 2010

silly story

assalamualaikum .

don't ask me for my results .

nanti dikata bangga diri lak . haha =.=


today , my guru penolong kanan hal ehwal murid , en hameed

will leave this school to continue his study in PhD .

a very sad moment for teachers .


slps kemunculan muzammil dgn rambut botak nyaa ,

kini alan pulaa muncul dgn rambut stylo nya !

haha lawa laa rmbut bru die tu . =.=

msti cara terbaru nak pikat ainaa mainor kn . haha .


ohh my sheep ! asl pekse dpat no 30 ?

klau kau dpat no last kan bagus . haha =.=


this night i chatted with syafireen .

she's okayy , but

she said that now she's an iron lady .

that operation needed to insert iron in her hand .

get well quickly soon fiween :)

-the end of the daily story-

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