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Monday, October 18, 2010

study , sorry , story

assalamualaikum .

S to the T to the U to the D to the Y

what ? repeat it again !
star D ?
no ! it's study !
so , what's going on with study ?
you ask me to study ?
oh no ! i dun wanna study !
i only wanna study with my study group !
where's my study group members ?
i can't study alone !
it's boring ! tension ! sleepy !
i wanna study with THEM !
please ? =D
heyy you , you ask me
why i have to study ?
hey ! exam is around the corner of your houz !
this date -> 25.10.10
is sarah's bufday !
*ape kene mengena bufday sarah ngan pekse ?
heyy , the date is
*ekk eleyy , ingtkn pekse SPMItalic
heyy , what ? don't play play lahh !
the question is from JPS !
Jabatan Permaisuri Syakira
hanya terdapat di negara GEGEL
*daa sesat negara gegel lak dah
opps , it's Jabatan Pelajaran Selangor !
and and
you have 8 subjects ,
while i have 9 !
*mcam laa aku sorg je ade 9
stress to study !Bold
and study to stress !

S to the O to the R to the R to the Y

sorry sorry sorry sorry
*i'm a super senior ! =D
to all my family , friends and teachers
i'd like to say a word = sorry
i know sorry is not enough for you
but i want you to know
i'm easy to forget , but hard to forgive .
so , better we keep it 0 - 0 okay ?
it's exam dude , i dun wanna cause problems .
especially to my bestie ,
emy helwina ,
najiah azli ,
farah hafizatul ,
ainaa mainor ,
amirul asyraf ,
syafiq wasfi ,
aizat daud ,
hazrie saharudin ,
all 2 kaa classmate =)
teachers of 2 kaa and semekar .
i <3 all ="D

S to the T to the O to the R to the Y

"A ! where's your paper ? why don't you jot down the notes ? if you fail the exam i will punish you .. "
*haha style cikgu rosma lerr spe lg
"teacher , i don't have paper .." you replied .
i , aina syakira who had a kind heart give a piece of paper to you .
no 'thank you' from you .
ohh my , i'm juz ur servant , right .
as you get back your old gurlfren , even i help you
as a friend ,
you never thank me .
ohh my . how silly i am to still thinking about you .

-the end of the daily story-

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