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Sunday, December 26, 2010

at last

assalamualaikum .

da nk dekat 2 jam aq tnggu .

akhirnya kau online jugak .

tapi berstatus idle !

kau tau x , kau ialah inspirasi aku untuk sajak ini .


do you know
do you ever know
how long I steady stand here
just for waiting you

I just know that you'll gonna leave me today
how dare you
leaving me with an eleventh hour notice

although i thought you as my special one
and you thought me not more than just a friend
hear me , understand me
that I will never leave this place
until you come and say
the last goodbye to me

and for hours i wait
at last you are in front of me
"sorry aina . i have to go now ."

by aina syakira on thursday , 23rd december 2010 .

heyy , aq tulis sendiri ini tahu ?

x percaya ? aq x sur0h ko percaya pun . haha !

so , ape pndpt k0rg ? shout please !

sebenarnya , sajak ni aq cipta inspirasi dr seseorg .

sape ? biar aq je la yg tau . k0rg x perlu tau . xD

sjak aq ms0k kelas BI nie ,

ade2 je idea aq nk tulis english p0em .

aq da jd minah salleh pulak dah . haha !

dan akhirnya orang td tu pun offline .

sekian terima kasih . tepukan untuk saya ! xD

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