hye dudes and babes . i'm aina and this is my diary , i can write whatever i want okie ? dun forget to leave your comment or shout here ! thankx for visiting my online world , enjoy reading okie ? ^_^

About Me


feel free to call me AINA .

i'm midteen .

my residential is at SEMENYIH , SELANGOR .

i'm from the capital city of Malaysia , KUALA LUMPUR .

i was born on 9th May 1996 .

i'm now persuing my study at SMK BANDAR RICHIING .

i'm one of 3 KELAS ALIRAN AGAMA (KAA) students .

i love surfing internet and writing during my leisure time .

i wish to be a famous author when i grow up .

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MY PRIDE ! ^.^

they're always with me , in good and bad times .

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